Stella Dallas

Any true fashionista, in my opinion loves a good vintage store. Some are good but don’t have enough variety, others have the variety but are over priced and then there’s the vintage stores that are just random penny’s stuff in disguise with the tags cut off and put in wooden hangers. Not that I’ve anything against Penny’s…they’ve but tights on my legs for about 10 years now. So let’s face it, the perfect vintage store is hard to find. The good news is, can call of the search because now you’ll know where it is. The bad news is, it’s in New York, in Williamsburg of course!

Introducing the big Vinatge shop babe that is Stella Dallas. It’s like the scene in Aladdin where he discovers the genie in the cave with all the jewels and riches around him. It’s a treasure chest of clothes. It’s one of the visions that would pass through a real shoppers mind as a flashback before they die. Morbid? yes, but true? definitely yes.

This place is a 2 part shop. In one of the shops it’s full of vintage linens, furniture, a little bit of clothes and boots and lots of beautiful rugs. They also had the largest collection of bandannas I’ve seen in a long time. Gotta love a good bandanna!

So after seeing all this, and not knowing that the second shop existed, I thought ‘yeah its good… but I don’t really get what all the fuss is about. But then I walked into this…

The word ‘unbelievable’ doesn’t even do it justice.

Boots collection was fab…so I just couldn’t resist and bought these little beauties….

So that my friends is Stella Dalls. 285 North 6th Street, Williamsburg, Brookyln NY. I’m in love.


K so we’re all well aware how stylish NYC is. It’s actually ridiculous. Particularly in Brooklyn though. Everyone just wears whatever the hell they wanna wear however they wanna wear it…here’s a cool chick I found yesterday. I’m getting her boots if it’s the last thing I do….This stunning girl is Ada. She’s from Isreal but has lived in Bushwick in Brooklyn for the past 4 years. I love her outfit! She has full on taken an over sized boy t shirt and made it look like an awesome dress! Like in theory it’s easily done…but I think this girl rocks it like it’s a couture piece on the catwalk..the Brooklyn catwalk that is!

T-shirt: 2nd hand store in Bushwick, Brooklyn

Bag: Vintage Brooklyn, only $15. She couldn’t remember the shop but so help me God I will find it…it’s a beaut!

Boots: Stella Dallas Vinatge; Williamsburg. $70

285 north 6th street Brooklyn between Havemayer Street and Meeker Avenue, off Metropolitan Avenue

Leopard print raaaarrr


Leopard print jumpsuit. Just as comfy as pyjamas but slightly more fashionable…well I should hope so anyways. Is so cosy and a great piece to put on when I wake up in a rush and havn’t a clue what to put on. In one swift move I’m dressed but if you’re a fellow playsuit or jumpsuit wearing girl you’ll  know it’s a bit of an annoyance when you gotta go to the loo, especially when its cold! Its great for day and night. The belt belongs to my friend and the photographer Ena Quinn…she’s very trendy indeed. Outfit completed with blue feather earrings (you’ll be seeing a lot more of these bad boys) and a bowler hat with more feathers. Love feathers…(that goes without saying)


Leopard print jumpsuit: Topshop

Accessories: Topshop

Bowler hat: Urban Outfitters

Boots: Topshop

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nautical cowgirl

Nautical Cowgirl! Day in the freezing cold again, but what’s new sure its Ireland isn’t it? This is the first introduction of the one and only starred cowboy boots. I love theses things! I’m big into shoes, especially boots but these are probably my favourite! They’re a vintage purchase and I got them last year when I was having a bit of a lesser fun time in life. I saw them and thought that they’re the magic boots that will make all good in the world…and they did! ha! When I wear them I’ve got a skip in my step literally. It’s all about frame of mind I guess but a day with the magic boots on my feet is always a good productive and happy one! They go with everything…gold stars on a shoe..what more can a girl want?!

Obviously by the end of the shoot it had been a while since my hair was brushed. Not too sure if the ‘just out of bed tousled look’ is good for me!

Magic Boots: Urban Outfitters; Vintage

Gold studded Shorts: Topshop

Nautical Jacket: Urban Outfitters ; Vaudeville & Burlesque

Apple Bracelet: H & M

Leaf earrings:

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