What an awakening: Awoke Vintage

I met this girl Liz Power yesterday in her store Awoke Vintage that is situated at 132 N 5TH and Bedford in Williamsburg. She’s from Australia and has in the past year and a half or so moved here to Brooklyn and opened up this beautiful store in one of the most coveted locations in Brooklyn and if were talking vintage I would say that this location that she has bagged is one of the most sought after in NY. As a person, she manages to mix great levels of professionalism with friendliness which of course is a vital to the success of any small boutique sized retail outlet.

Jeans: Nobody label; http://nobody.com.au

With regards to content, the store hits the nail on the head when it comes to shoes. Liz had gathered an amazing mix of all sorts from brogues, to flat points, to lace up boots and heels. Florals and pretty blouses are a plenty as are pastels and cute quirky jumpers, fit for the Zooey Deschanel in all of us.

Glasses: bought in Japan

Shirt: Awoke Vintage

In a place where Vintage stores are a dime a dozen, Awoke Vintage stands it’s ground solidly. It differs from all the Beacon’s Closets, Buffalo Exchanges and the likes. Yes it’s vintage but I cant help but get the feeling that it’s the stuff that belonged to princesses and iconic movie figures in earlier lives and not just some rags that the hipster down the road no longer wants to wear.

Shoes: Awoke Vintage

Necklaces…. Hair: ghostgum (made by friend)

Heart: bought in Germany; vintage

Name Chain: groupon.com


Video: Katie Rose and Her Trendy Friends

See Liz in action!

Christmas festivities!

Hey!! May Christ be Merry … Merry Merry Christmas! Christmas is definitely my favourite time of year..I know a lot of people say this…but no…I like it more…no I do…no I know I like it the most…like the best. Like I’m soooo much better at liking Christmas than you are ;)This is my beautiful friend Katie. No silly Im not talking about myself in the first person….her name’s katie too…OMG…cuz it’s such a rare name. Thanks MOM.


Well anyway…Katie put on this lovely party. She’s quite the little home maker…puts the rest of us females to shame. Not that I’ll ever be a home maker …or ever want to be at that. Sorry Boys.
Rudolph cookies….way less calories than normal cookies. Obviously because they’re Christmas Cookies! yum yum yum. I’d be lying if I said I ate them though. They’re too pretty for that!

Katie, Katie and Audrey. What a babe. I’ve a girl crush on Zooey D, but if Audrey H was still with us…she’d be my object of girl crush affection. Just sayin..

Nom nom nom…ooh look- we can eat too!

OOOOH take a photo when were not looking. Do it do it do it… I look so much better when I’m not posing. bahah if joke was king this would be it.More delicious foo-ooood get in ma belly! check out the smores katie made beteween 21h00 and 23h00 in the pic. yes sir yes sir, speak in code. I got to eat real life smores. Can you believe it.
Happy family!

Halloween adventures…Part 1

This Halloween was officially the best one yet. Why you may ask? Well for various different reasons but the main one being because I’m in NYC baby!! I’m so lucky to have made amazing friends who are always on for some fun :) The creativity of some people in this place is out of control. Probably largely due to the fact that I live in Williamsburg which is bursting with artsy folk who like to show off. (Meant in a nice way of course.)

Weird and random but beautiful wall art at the party…check out the sexy mannequin. I just luurrrvvveee her outfit.

Baby Spice!

The coolest outfit I’ve seen in a long time…this girl is a carrot….a carrot I tell you. That’s next year sorted so. By then enough time will have gone by so that I can claim the idea as my own.

What dashing fellows

Super hot skeleton girl…swit swooooo

Love this girl…yes yes, that’s right, the hulk definitely does rule. fact.

Hurricane Sandy

Ok so after all the talk over the past few weeks, the bitch is finally here. I’ll now never like the name Sandy, never call my unborn child Sandy, never call my dog, cat or fish Sandy. Now the name Sandy to me means malevlovent and scary storm. So I’m literally sitting here, scared out of my wits. Yes anyone who knows me knows that I’m quite the drama queen so you can only imagine how dramatic this household is at the moment!

I live in Williamsburg, which is right on the water. Where I live on n7th and Wythe is on the cusp of an evacuation zone. There’s A/B/C areas and then areas that will probably not be affected which are lucky enough to NOT get a letter. Were an area C. hmmmm… what to do. Lucky the 2 lovely girls that I live with are no the panicking type. They’re leaving that all up to me!

My apartment looking worse for wear….

I’m just back from a walk. All the stores are closed, the subway was shut at 7PM last night and the streets are barren.  Like is full on really eerie. My beautiful happy, lively and glistening Williamsburg is a shadow of itself and I’m praying that it’ll be ok! There were loads of like minded people out on the water front. Families and friends, taking photos’s, walking their dogs and just I guess absorbing the experience and the feeling of being nothing against the elements. Mother nature is the most powerful thing out there and the feeling of almost getting swept away really makes me recognize my out and out lack of control over anything.

People are saying that it’s going to be the worst hurricane to ever hit New York and by people, I mean the people that know their stuff- meteorologists, not just Joe from down the road. Winds have full on been up to 90mph and Sandy hasn’t even arrived here full bodied yet!

About 90% of businesses are closed and I’m sure all of them will be over the next hour or 2. Windows are all taped up and then there is of course the scary ‘were closed due to hurricane’ signs…hate them! They freak me out!